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UpCourse Program offered by Edvicon International is the best platform for a school/ college/ university student to shape and improve their skills; attitudes; knowledge and more...


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Knowledge Partners

University of Colombo
Impact IT Solutions
London Stock Exchange Group
V S Information Systems (Pvt) Ltd

Our Goals

We are a catalyst for good social change via our goal of generating opportunity, success, and equality for everyone. We believe that free education has the power to break down barriers and transform lives. Our organization's culture is to prepare the world's workforce for future employment. We're committed to enabling anyone to study anywhere, at any time, for free online, using a flexible digital platform that includes in-demand subject areas, in order to prepare for the most in-demand professions.

Assist in improving professional skills, competence while leading in the right direction for growth and success.


Create a positive attitude that makes achieve goals, speeds the progress, overcome challenges and remain persistent in pursuing goals.


Provide a platform for increasing the value of intellectual capital and using knowledge assets to lead the career.


Build a leader that can recognize strengths and weaknesses while setting objectives with the team and work to improve efficiency and effectiveness as a team member and individually.


Bring together people with a variety of backgrounds, experiences, knowledge to achieve a shared objective.

About Organization
Quality Education... By Any Means Necessary

The Edvicon International was established on the 28th of March, 2020 with the intention of making decent industry-oriented professionals. Edvicon International is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization registered under the Digital Infrastructure & Information Technology Division, Ministry of Defense, Sri Lanka.

Program Modules
Personal and Professional Development

Level 01

This module is set to improve character, skills, and capabilities, including professional development which will increase confidence and credibility. This module will help you manage your own learning and growth throughout your career.

Academic Writing, Researching, and Paper Publishing

Level 02

This module will cover Academic Writing Principles and Research Paper Publishing. The goal of this module is to aspire to a research study. At the end of this level, you will be able to write yourself a successful research paper.

Microsoft Products and Services

Level 03

This module will cover the basics to advanced training for Microsoft products and services. Goal of the module is to prepare the members for the industry where almost whole industry depends on these services. 

Cyber Security and Open Source Services

Level 04

This module contains the basics of cyber security principles and open source services. This Cyber Security module will teach you how to protect computer operating systems, networks, and data from cyber-attacks while you will be able to learn how open source services work and contribute to open source development.

Virtualization and VMware

Level 05

This module contains the concepts of virtualization and VMware service. This module will help to identify course needs based on your VMware product focus, your role and skill level, and work in a virtual space.

LinkedIn Profiling, Interviewing, and Resume Writing

Level 06

This module will teach you how to enhance your Resume, how to modify your LinkedIn profile for a better appearance, and how to confidently face an interview. This level will guide you through the module of developing a professional resume and LinkedIn profile that will grab the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

UpCourse Speakers

Amra Zareer

Mrs. Amra Zareer

Vice Chairperson - Women in Logistics and Transport; Management Consultant; Founder & Chief Heart Officer - The Corridors
Lakmali Pathirana

Dr. Lakmali Pathirana

Ph.D. scholars, Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Colombo
Prabhath Mannapperuma

Mr. Prabhath Mannapperuma 

Technology Strategist at Microsoft
Fiqri Ismail

Mr. Fiqri Ismail

Founder of PeachIT, Microsoft MVP 
Shameera Prajapriya

Mr. Shameera Prajapriya

CEO & Principal Architect at Impact IT Solutions (PVT) Ltd
Anuruddha Hewawasam

Mr. Anuruddha Hewawasam

Senior Specialist, Security Architecture at LSEG, Mentor at IEEE CLE
Ahamed Safnaj

Mr. Ahamed Safnaj

Software Engineer at Arimac, GitHub Campus Expert
Dilan Wijesooriya

Mr. Dilan Wijesooriya

Senior Solutions Architect at V S Information Systems (Pvt) Ltd 
Milinda Ubeysinghe

Mr. Milinda Ubeysinghe

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at Creately

Accordion FAQ

UpCourse Program is a freely available course for all the Edvicon Student Members to enhance their skills and helps to develop their careers.

This is a 6 months + Introduction month and Graduation month program commencing from January and end in August.
The course will be held on Microsoft Teams platform (Online). Online sessions schedule will be distributed during the month of January or before commencing the program.

It varies by course and by person, but, as a student, be prepared to work hard and dedicate several hours each week to review course material and complete assignments. We will be having our most of the activities during weekends.

Many of our courses are designed for absolute beginners and do not require any prior knowledge of the subject. Furthermore, these courses frequently include pre-work assignments to get beginners up to speed on basic concepts and subjects.

All the Edvicon International Student Members or Non-members can participate in this course. Start submitting your application via Apply button above.

Yes, But these courses are offered for free, and this is one of the opportunities open to a limited number of students. Therefore, once you join this course, we request you to complete the course successfully. If you leave the course before the graduation, all offered benefits will be revoked without a prior notification.

Leaving the course before it's completion will make you ineligible for receiving the certificate and the reference letter. This includes the services offered via the UpCourse Program.


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